Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Robot Vs Human

, life, death, life after death, robots, technology, life is short, afterlifeMy curiosity with Robotics made me hunt down some more information on them and I came across two interesting terms - Cyborg and Android. Cyborg originated from cyber organism or cybernetic organism- a human with both natural and artificial organs or systems in him. This concept makes a person with a pacemaker or an artificial kidney or those hearing implants are Cyborgs too!!! My grandpa had those hearing implants when he was on earth- so according to the definition he was a Cyborg too. Did I live with a Cyborg(my Grandpa). As far as I remember him, before he passed away, he was a human being with a very lovely spirit. I somehow cannot relate to him as a Cyborg. Specially, with the images of Cyborg I found – Never. They look scary!!

Androids, I found are robots who resemble humans in appearance and behavior. Andrew, the robot in the “Bicentennial Man” and also the TV show “Small Wonder” had Vicki who are examples of Android.

This interchange of characteristics in human and robots is increasing each day. Humans turn more robot like and robots more human like. Is this the indication of creation of a common plane where both meet – a new species, which is neither human nor robot????? Only time will tell.

But, this would mean human race losing its identity. Humans are supposed to be perishable, supposed to go through the wear and tear of time. As they grow old, along with their wrinkle they gain wisdom. That’s how they are designed by the divine engineer. Humans are the only species who enjoy the privilege of wisdom and insight.

Robots can store data into their memory which some may call knowledge, but can they possess wisdom? What is wisdom? Wisdom is processing knowledge and gaining an insight into life and beyond. Robots or machines, at the end of the day, can never gain insight or wisdom. This is because insight and wisdom is not of this world, the source of both is unknown and unseen.


Sankarsan said...

Thanks for such a nice and interesting post.
Robots I do agree are machines devised by human mind and hence bound to have it's own limitations.Possesing knowledge and wisdom is too high an expectation out of those poor creatures.
But the basic question that puzzles me is:Are we created by divine design or just by chance and gradual mutation?
If I believe in the second then over the past million years we have gradually changed to adapt to our environment.Today we need so many gadgets and machines to live in our complex world.So down the line these gadgets can become intrinsic parts of our body itself,just like the webbed feet of ducks (as we see today).Then what will be that species human,robots,cyborgs....??
If I believe in divine design then the great one can always create another species, wise and intelligent than us.I see no reason for him to lose his creativity,moreover after observing his complex creation for so many years he can always come up with something better.
Planning to write about the prevalent views/thoughts on this topic in my next posts.
May be the answer to this lies hidden in a place where galaxies have not expanded yet...

Rupsa said...

@ Sankarsan: Well, to begin with I find this discussion so interesting. Thanks for such lovely and engaging comments. Its a pleasure to reply to your comments.

In my post I hinted the same that Robots can never possess wisdom. They are bound to be limited somewhere.

As far as your question goes whether we are created by a divine design or just by chance and gradual mutation? It depends on your perspective. I, personally believe we are created by a divine design and so is the universe. The masterpiece that our mind and body is has to be designed by a Master Designer and even the whole universe with its planets, orbits, rotations and revolutions just in place also has to be designed by a Divine one. Again, let me say, Its me who believes this. Others might not.
Coming to the next topic now - "the great one can always create another species, wise and intelligent than us.I see no reason for him to lose his creativity,moreover after observing his complex creation for so many years he can always come up with something better".

Well, in this case I believe we are just not creations of the Creator but there is a relationship that we share. And again these may sound meaningless to one if you do not feel it yet. In this world "Seeing is believing" but in the spiritual world " Believing is seeing". Only if you once believe like a child(putting your believes and intellect aside for a moment), you would be able to see the wonders of the other world.

I mention again that these are what I believe in, what I felt in life, one might not feel the same.

Sankarsan said...

It's nice to know your views. Though I personally differ from it if you consider the details but agree completely if looked upon in the perspective of a greater whole.

To me nothing was created and nothing will be destroyed.Divinity manifests itself through the constant process of transformation of which every object in this universe plays it's role.

To think beyond the localized interactions and realizing that one is part of a greater eternal process is my spiritual journey.

But I am still skeptic about one thing,is this eternal process a self evolving chance based phenomenon or pre designed.

Is god playing dice with the universe?????
???? are for me as you have found your faith..

Rupsayar Das said...

Hi Rupsa,
If u wish to work on real-deal robotical systems and artificial intelligence, then please do stay in touch with me, as me and my friend are working on such systems.
Feel absolutely free to discuss some of ur innovative ideas and thoughts. It should be marvellous!


Das, Rupsayar.

aniroodh said...

nice work...must say a lot of tym must hv gone into ds...

dream said...

simply superb.

Unknown said...

I was very interested in this article. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I'll be a rechargeable human.