Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Fourth Absolute State of Consciousness - Enlightenment

The Fourth Absolute state of pure consciousness is the experience of ultimate reality and truth. The truth of this universe, the unknown mystery that lies beyond death may be found there. The fourth state of consciousness transcends the three common states of consciousness: the state of waking consciousness, the state of dreaming, and dreamless sleep(the unmanifested third state). The absolute state of consciousness is something we can never experience otherwise and attaining it requires having true power over one’s own mind.

Achieving the fourth Absolute State of Consciousness is what many SOUL SEEKERS tried for ages. Some claim that it can be achieved by powerful psychedelic drugs. Poets like Coleridge and Keats are alleged to be taking opium to attain such states and write multi-layered poems like “Kubla Khan”. But, these states when achieved by taking resort to drugs are the easy way – an alternative way is to exercising control over your mind. When we talk of mind power and not substance, we should use the mind alone. Drugs and substances are for the ones who are not able to attain it otherwise by mind power. This situation is similar to soccer players taking resort to drugs to increase their body power and not just playing themselves.

Do we need a stimulant or drug when we can make our mind think in a particular way we want to? Sometimes we feel as if we cannot control our mind, it craves for a particular thing and you just cannot resist. Everything can be resisted, if you can make your mind do it. Let your mind be your slave and not vice versa. It's a powerful weapon that all are gifted with and can used to destroy or create. Which one is your pick?


The Pope said...

What about Guilty?

Ever wondered if that has a life of its own.

blogmaster said...

I was thinking about dream hypnosis after reading your post. It's a strange thing by which you can recall and re enter your dreams. Sometimes we can't recall our dreams or dreams can't get complete..By dream hypnosis, we can resolve our own dream, we can get the deeper meaning of our dream and if we wish, we can re enter our incomplete dream state and complete it.When we dream, we are actually finding out who we are underneath the surface of
our conscious ideas about our identity. we may identify ourselves by our race, sex, class,
education, job, relationships, beliefs, values, etc., but this identity doesn't include
our subconscious self. The subconscious contains all our memories, habits (patterns),
and fixations (points of focus).Hypnosis is also a state of consciousness,the state between sleeping and waking with minimal
peripheral awareness.even trance is also a state of consciousness.I believe by self hypnosis
and self trance, we can get close both to our waking state of consciousness and dreaming state
of consciousness and by finding the missing links over there by analysis and by dream hypnosis, we can get our answers, we get close to our soul then, beyond the state of 'me' 'my' identity and 'my' mind..When we can detach our 'me'part from mind then only we can get feel of our soul, then only we can enter to the state of void first, then..all is one..'I am the one' state..there is no life, no death, nothing beyond, it's an endless flow of energy...discovering our soul..not 'my soul'.."The absolute soul",the actual consciousness..the universe..the one.. We will get 'moksha' only when we can come to this state,the state of indifference, the state of
no identity,the state of fulfillment,the state of divine joy...it's the absolute state of consciousness..we will get answers of our life,of our mind, of our soul, answers of life death and across.....
I believe if we reach the absolute state of consciousness in one life, we need not to be born again....

Pushhyarag said...


I dropped by here via Indiblogger Network. I spent quite a bit of time reading posts. These are amazing accomplishments. I normally feature poeple/posts that appeal on my blog Evolve(((.)))ever. Check the latest post on my blog in appreciation. Keep blogging.

Rupsa said...

@ Blogmaster: so u believ in rebirth? That's another debatable topic my friend.

@ Pushhyarag: Hey, thank u so much. Did check ur blog. It's amazing. I liked your concept of evolution and the inner journey associated. U have loyal reader now. Keep shining.