Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Enlightenment - The Fourth State of Consciousness

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I have two quotes to share on the Fourth State of Consciousnesses that is also called Enlightenment by some religions-

“Enlightenment is any experience of expanding our consciousness beyond its present limits. We could also say that perfect enlightenment is realisation that we have no limits at all.” (From “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” by Thaddeus Golas)

“The Ultimate State of Consciousness is universally described in mystical literature as union with the Absolute, where the Absolute is known not as many but one without a second. Further, it is specified that to know the absolute is to be the absolute. It follows that the Ultimate State of Consciousness is itself the Absolute, and thus the ultimate state is not a state of consciousness set apart from other states, not one state among many, but rather one state without a second ----that is to say, absolutely all-inclusive. Hence, the Ultimate State of Consciousness is not an altered state of consciousness, for there is no alternative.” (From “Eye to Eye” by Ken Wilber)

The stage of enlightenment can either be a gradual method or a sudden one. The sudden ones occur due to a sudden spiritual awakening. It can happen suddenly to anyone, just like the King who had the dream of being a beggar and an ocean of questions disturbed his mind. He wanted to know what is the true state of consciousness, this life or the one beyond or the one he saw in his dream. Like this King and many others, I have set on an inward journey to find out the answers to this question.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rupsa,

Happy to be back after a while. I haven't missed too many as you write fewer articles but with deeper insights. i re-read the previous post and a very long comment by blogmaster. Pretty teasing thoughts there. The inward journey leading to enlightenment can be very rewarding & bliss. Like to read more of your articles. Get to blogging more often than you do now.

Great day, Take Care.

Bijay Rungta (rungss) said...

I came as promised...
Good writings...
couldn't get to read much because of too much work...
will come back sometime...
The images chosen are also pretty good.
You are new in the Blogging scene..
but you've got good number of visitors...

Rupsa said...

@ evolveever: Thank you so much for coming back for more. I am sorry for writing so less the last month. Last month I did'nt find any time at all and with the recent Mumbai terror attacks , I am shaken even more. It makes me wonder where we all are moving to. Whats waiting for the world. I promise will b writing soon and often. Thanks once again.

Vishal said...

Hey Rupsa,
Such a wonderful insight on enlightenment.. I am delighted to have read you views after a long time... Wonderful!!
Keep in touch dear, take care!

SePuLcHeR said...

state of enlightenment - a sudden process?? i disagree.

i believe - a sudden realisation is just a misconception of attaining what takes time.....whats gradual...

the sudden way - pushes u - maybe wakes u up ... but the awakening doesnt means attaining it.....theres a journey....a distance to travel before one can be enlightened!!

neverthless neat piece of writing

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V-Shall said...

Mr.Anonymous... If you want to comment, first thing, should have identified yourself... Second, give a valid reason for your comment... If not, then simply accept the fact that you have not understood the concept at all.

prince said...

i think you should write more often!

or should it be "publish" more often, because i am sure you are writing...


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Rwiddhiman Majumdar said...


I have been following your writings for quite sometime and I think they are really amazing and I love your perspective and I think you should try publishing your stuff.

Take Care
Keep Up The Good Work

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